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Our capabilities range from milling, turning, EDM, and microscopic deburring. How can our manufacturing capabilities help your business?

Aero-safe Technologies Capabilities

Here’s how we can help.


Vertical, horizontal, 4th and 5th axis technologies, with repeatability to +/- 0.0002“. High speed 30,000 RPM spindles, multi-pallet machines, up to 1000 PSI through spindle coolant, and high capacity tool changers.


Dual turret, live tooling, and dual spindle machining centres, with repeatability to +/- 0.0002“. High precision turning applications up to 18″ diameter and 30″ length. Bar feeding systems, dual station machines, and parts catchers.


Both wire EDM and die sink EDM capable of creating complex geometry with a wire thickness down to 0.001 inch, surface finishes of 0.1 Micron and resolutions of 0.0001mm.

Taper cutting of up to 35 degrees allows our solutions engineers to meet our customers’ most stringent design challenges providing components with previously impossible features and unprecedented accuracy.


Aero-safe Technologies is a recognized leader in the development application of advanced deburring solutions to ensure burr free components. Deburring is performed in a temperature controlled environment, under 20X-40X magnification using optical and digital displays. Electrochemical deburring, micro-media blasting, tumbling and part tumbling are also available where finish requirements are less stringent.

How can our milling, turning, EDM, and microscopic deburring capabilities help your business?